Thomas Fellow

professor for guitar/worldmusic at the "Carl Maria von Weber" music academy in Dresden:

"...for a guitar player choosing a guitar is similar to the the process of falling in love. After playing one of Matthias Tilzers guitars i am firmly convinced that those will create the same strong feeling of being in love."

Joe Valentin

jazzguitarist, lecturer for jazzguitar at the Gustaf Mahler conservatoy in vienna:

"Guitars made by Matthias Tilzer are tonally balanced out very well and elegantly made. The best classical guitars i have ever played!"

Dr. Stefan Hackl

tyrolean conservatory, mozarteum university:

"Since I know Matthias Tilzer, his guitars have developed from year to year. With crafting precision and a lot of feeling for wood, he has perfected the traditional concept so much the that he became well known throughout the frontiers in the meantime. Matthias Tilzer is also a good address for restorations and repair - we are lucky to have such a competent and co-operative luthier a few steps from here!"

Hans-Jürgen Kerer

guitar-pedagogue at the institute of social education:

"I prefer a classical guitar of master Matthias Tilzer because it corresponds in the sum of her qualities - in optical as well as tonal regard - precisely to my imagination.
Excellent heights, powerful exact basses, crystal-clear intonation. Quick "response" while playing chords and the most comfortable use due to exclusive craftsmanship in the neck and fingerboard area. Result: fair price-performance ratio, an absolute recommendation!!"

Peter Heiss

"...hearing and playing Torres, Hauser, Romanillos, Fleta, Dammann, Holzgruber, Contreras, Ramirez, Small-man, Humphrey, Bernabe, Bellido, Marin Montero, Reyes, Gilbert, Aram, Bouchet, Friedrich, Simplicio and stauffer-guitars can be sooo pleasant - and with guitars by Matthias Tilzer it is just like that! His shop is definately worth a visit!"

Andreas G. Karácsony

cultural forum Seewalchen:

"Dear Mr. Matthias Tilzer, dear friend!
As a former leader of an education class in the conservatoire and as a guitar-freak, I am glad to be able to call an instrument from your hands my own. For me as a "spruce player", it was always a must for me to have a warm and sustainable tone which also is capable of experimenting in extreme dynamic areas with timbres. This exists very well with this instrument.
Moreover, I admire your construction method and may say with conviction: I have never had an instrument in my hands being worked out so exactly in every detail. Absolutely this consequence is also the reason why your guitars can be played so wonderfully easy. They are worked out incredibly exactly.
I am proud to own an instrument from the master Matthias Tilzer!"